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Lavender is showing off my latest creation.

Forest elf dress with a beaded neckline and bodice, it closes with snaps in the back. Green floral over vest with a chain stitch embellishment around the edge of the vest. I have beaded the bottom of the vest and it closes with an crochet tie. Also with this set are the butterfly necklace and head band. The necklace closes with a spring clasp and the headband ties in the back with green ribbon.

I have this set for sale on my Etsy Shop. I am asking $100.00 but will accept reasonable offers.

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The New Girls

I have a few new girls in the studio to show off!!!  First is Talyssa my Kaye Wiggs doll.

blued7 blued8

Talyssa is 17 inches tall and so much fun to sew for! I am her second Mommy but I find her perfect. I have had her since just before Halloween of 2015 and have been making OOAK outfits for sale with her since the. She looks somewhere between 7 and 10 years old and poses pretty well for pictures. I have found that finding shoes and boots for her is somewhat of a challenge but all in all I am pretty happy with her. The other problem I have found with her is she does not sit very well so I find myself posing her standing most often.


The next girl we added to the studio is a Jun Planning AI doll. Very tiny but so cute. She makes a nice doll or baby for Talyssa. I have not tried sewing for this little one yet, but I would like to in the future. She is about 5 inches tall so sewing for her is going to be a challenge.IMG_7083 IMG_7086

Our last addition to the studio is Lavender. She is a Bo Bergemann doll with an artist face up and tan resin. So far she poses like a dream! I can find shoes and boots for her and making OOAK outfits and patterns for her has been a pure pleasure!

IMG_7399 IMG_7405 rocker4 L-Music219 IMG_7443

She is in my mind a bit of a teenager or preteen depending on how I dress her. She opens a few more doors for me design wise. She also has a bit of an attitude! Each wig I try on her gives her a new look and new ideas for me. She is about an inch and a half taller than Talyssa so they can’t share pants and leggings but then can share some dresses and shirts.

Ginger456 Angie122 Christine453 Desiree314 Ellowyne-Rose462

I will be sharing more of the girls as new outfits are made!


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Dream Dolls

A few years ago I fell in love with a style of doll I found on the internet. Ball Jointed Dolls.  I was fascinated by how they would pose and their beautiful faces. There were a few obstacles in purchasing these dolls. First the price was scary to me, also ordering one from outside of the USA, then just how do you order them. I was seeing buy this doll head, order this body. It was very confusing!

So I went to Ebay and found my first Asian BJD second hand! This was less stressful for me. I found an Iplehouse KID in the USA for a decent price.  The sculpt I found was Irene. Irene is known as Shay at our house.

$_57 (5)$_57 (4)$_57 (11)

I was thrilled the day she arrived! I was hopeful on how she would pose, thrilled that I could change her look by changing her eyes and wig as well as her clothes. My excitement was short lived, I found that my doll was not super easy to pose she had some limitations in how her arms bend, standing on her own barefoot took patients on my part adding shoes made it a bit easier. I am now researching how to wire and suede to make her more poseable.

My next doll was again found on Ebay an Impldoll baby Gela sculpt. Her price was low that helped and she had elf ears and would be so fun to create new fantasy costumes for! She came to live with me in a leather warrior outfit, purple hair and lavender eyes.  She has some posing limitations but for the most part I love how she is working out as a model for me.  Gela is now called Rayne (Rain)

$_57 (1) $_57 (2) $_57


My next doll was found living in Spain with a facebook friend!  A lovely tan Bambicorny Ciao Bella Judy Sclupt. I fell in love with her tiny features and large eyes. She is such a lovely little lady. She is a bit jumpy in posing but so pretty to look at. She will be wired also once I figure out the exact wire to use that will not damage the dolls. We call her Sasha here. Sasha lends a lovely look to the fashions I am working on and a touch of sweetness!

10168073_10152796275723040_6475171817917196220_n 10983215_10152796274928040_2074802210276010309_n 10995980_10152796275693040_5093774832240528451_n

I have a new girl on layaway. Another dream doll who will be re-homed to Montana as soon as I can pay off the layaway!  I will post more on her Soon!!


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