Doll Photography

I have been trying to learn to shoot better pictures of my dolls so I can sell the clothing and patterns I create for dolls. I know that to sell on line you need to replace touch and this makes a picture so very important.

There are few helpful hints I have found to help me learn to shoot these pictures. Today I used these hints in shooting my pictures

  1. Doll~ make sure your doll looks as nice as possible. Hair, clothes etc.
  2. Use good lighting.
  3. Make sure your background is not cluttered, a cluttered background creates distraction
  4. Know your camera. The better you know your camera and settings the nicer your pictures will be.
  5. Take a wide variety of photos. Shoot different angles by moving yourself or the doll
  6. Be Creative.

Sasha and I played in the basement studio to test out what F-stops will work best for us in creating the best pictures and helps us learn the camera a bit more. I set up a plain white back drop using unbleached muslin, a raised box draped with muslin, 2 studio lights and my tripod. Sasha took her place on the box and we got started. I am using my DSLR Canon rebel Xsi to shoot these pictures. Because I was concentrating on learning more about f-stops I did not move Sasha around much but we did shoot about 30 pictures to see the results.

IMG_5571Picture number one is shot without a flash,  f/5.6, ISO-100, 1/15 exposure time. I like that the colors do not wash out and the strips and hearts on her outfit  they are also nice and clear. My back ground is not cluttered due to using the white only backdrop and both Sasha and her toy are in focus.
IMG_5600Picture two is also shot without a flash, f/32, ISO-100, 1.6 seconds exposure time. I notice that the pink strips and blue hearts washes out on this exposure, although everything is still in focus. I think her skin tone appears to be lighter also. Sasha has a lovely tan.

I am pretty happy with what I learned today. I believe it will help me with future settings on my sales photos and displaying them for customers. I will post more soon as the girls and I play with the studio!

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