Freya Hujoo Ball Jointed Doll-Cat

Freya the Hujoo Ball Jointed Doll-Cat

Gray Freya Hujoo Ball Jointed Doll -Cat

Gray Freya Hujoo Ball Jointed Doll

Today is the unboxing of my new Hujoo Ball Jointed Doll, Freya. My new girl was ordered from Junkyspot. Junkyspot has an exclusive on these darling ball jointed dolls-cats made by Hujoo. 

Right out of the box I liked her. Her body is made of ABS plastic, light but well made. Even without a faceup her features are well defined and somewhat delicate looking. The hands and feet are sculpted as paws, so the plans is add manicured claws.

Her body is strung nice and tight, she poses well and will stand on her own. Posing is pretty important with Ball Jointed Dolls. The elastic loops over the pegs for the head cap. It looks like she will be easy to re-string if needed. Cobalt blue eyes were ordered for her, but currently there is no eye putty in the house so she is eyeless until our order arrives.  Freya is as tall as my littlefee kids although her body is thinner.

So far there is only one part of the design that I do not care for. Her head cap has been difficult to remove. Checking the Hujoo Facebook group for hints on how to fix this issue I was informed that it will loosen up a bit but stay tight enough to keep the head cap on. The magnet head holders on some of my other dolls heads seems to be a great way to hold the head cap in place. Time will tell on how well  I like the peg system. I am excited for the rest of my supplies to get here so I can start working on her.

Faceup Plans for Freya

Back of head on Freya Hujoo ball jointed doll showing the peg system for holding the head cap

  Freya Hujoo ball jointed doll

Hujoo Ball Jointed Doll Freya & Head Cap

Hujoo Ball Jointed Doll Freya

The plan is to make Freya a character doll. Looking up the name, I found that she is a Norse Goddess associated with love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold, war and death. This leaves the options wide open in the creation of her personality and costumes.

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