The New Girls

I have a few new girls in the studio to show off!!!  First is Talyssa my Kaye Wiggs doll.

blued7 blued8

Talyssa is 17 inches tall and so much fun to sew for! I am her second Mommy but I find her perfect. I have had her since just before Halloween of 2015 and have been making OOAK outfits for sale with her since the. She looks somewhere between 7 and 10 years old and poses pretty well for pictures. I have found that finding shoes and boots for her is somewhat of a challenge but all in all I am pretty happy with her. The other problem I have found with her is she does not sit very well so I find myself posing her standing most often.


The next girl we added to the studio is a Jun Planning AI doll. Very tiny but so cute. She makes a nice doll or baby for Talyssa. I have not tried sewing for this little one yet, but I would like to in the future. She is about 5 inches tall so sewing for her is going to be a challenge.IMG_7083 IMG_7086

Our last addition to the studio is Lavender. She is a Bo Bergemann doll with an artist face up and tan resin. So far she poses like a dream! I can find shoes and boots for her and making OOAK outfits and patterns for her has been a pure pleasure!

IMG_7399 IMG_7405 rocker4 L-Music219 IMG_7443

She is in my mind a bit of a teenager or preteen depending on how I dress her. She opens a few more doors for me design wise. She also has a bit of an attitude! Each wig I try on her gives her a new look and new ideas for me. She is about an inch and a half taller than Talyssa so they can’t share pants and leggings but then can share some dresses and shirts.

Ginger456 Angie122 Christine453 Desiree314 Ellowyne-Rose462

I will be sharing more of the girls as new outfits are made!


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